"I don’t understand."

Korra has never once considered herself an expert on the subject of human emotion, locked away from them her entire life. But she finds it hard to breathe properly as she sees Asami slumped against a wall crying, her shoulders shaking uncontrollably. It’s because she knows. She knows. And Korra suddenly wishes that the ground would somehow find a way to swallow her whole. 

She reaches out for Asami who slaps her hand away and spins around so fast that Korra is sure she must have whiplash. Her eyes are briming over with betryal, heartache and salty tears that Asami has long since stopped trying to wipe away.

"It’s because he is in love with you."

Korra’s eyes are wide on her. Asami starts to sob again. Korra’s hair covers her face as she lowers her head to the floor in shame. She feels guilty because she feels no guilt. This is what she wanted. But she had hurt many people in the process. People she cared about.

They stayed like that for hours because Asami was broken beyond repair and for once in Korra’s life she had nothing to say.

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Escape from the citadel !

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We finally know how it happens…

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Don’t try and say you didn’t see it coming.

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